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Composition (2)

Composition 2 is part of a series of five alternate light sculptural compositions that are digitally edited to become a hybrid form of painting. Each composition is precariously made through playful intuitive responses to surface, colour and space but meticulously crafted through digital software to respond to the illusions of light, reflections and architectural components. The high-quality prints appear to emit their own source of light as they draw the eye in. Beautifully crafted in a perspex white frame, Olivia presents a limited edition of her digital works which source the core of ideas into large-scale paintings and sculptural installation.

Composition (2)

SKU: Com2

    • Title of print
    • Framed or Unframed


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    One limited edition digital print


    50 x 70 cm without frame


    61 x 91 cm with frame 

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