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Olivia Peake is a British artist from Derbyshire known for her architecture-inspired paintings, drawings and installations. Olivia uses geometry, light and line to create abstract, illusionistic spaces. Her canvases are swathed in colourful shards of reflected light - and the effect is at once soothing and visually exciting. 


She is a tutor in Art, Design and Media and holds an MA (with Distinction) in Fine Art (2016) funded by the Gertrude Aston Bowater Bequest. Her practices includes painting, sculpture, photography and installation, and her works are held in the Dumfries House collection, part of the Prince's foundation.

Olivia has exhibited work throughout the UK and completed residencies with The Royal School of Drawing in
Ayrshire (2016) and the Summer Lodge at Nottingham Trent University (2018). A number of her installations, prints and paintings are held in private collections in the UK, Ireland, Switzerland and the US.

Olivia's paintings and sculptural works create a magical bridge between architecture and art. In her exquisitely arranged shards of colour and geometric lines, she creates images of mystical buildings which burst with emotion. Her works also straddle that fine line between the geometric and the decorative, making striking statement pieces.


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